Composite Headshots

Composite Headshots

Headshots are essential in a competitive business environment. We are here to help you with your competitive edge.

If you are unsure of how important a professional headshot can be just think about the last time you looked up someone to find out what they look like. Did their corporate headshot help you make a decision to contact them? A great headshot conveys trust and trust can lead to a growing business.



Whether you are a real estate agent, small business owner or the the decision maker for any size corporate business we can work with your company’s needs.

Do you…

  • Want to look professional yet approachable?

  • Receive help with relaxing in front of the camera?

  • Be done quickly with minimal fuss?

  • Need to rebrand your business?

  • Need a quick turn around times?

Then we’ve got you covered!

A short silent video showing how we composite an executive team portrait that photographed over a course of 6 different sessions.

Benefits of composites

  • Can be done over several session or locations.

  • Can easily swap a team member out/in

  • Everyone loves their portrait

  • Quick for each person.

  • Multiple background colors to match different needs.




Composite Headshots start with having your corporate headshots taken. Then we piece them together. The cost is for each image plus the compilation fee. These can be done individually with as many locations as needed. There is a setup fee for each setup/breakdown that is required. Travel fees apply outside the Jacksonville area or if there is less than 5 headshots per session. We can do them in the studio or on location.

Additional and Custom Services

  • On location: Take your session on location. —- $149
    Available with a minimum purchase of $500

  • Custom editing —- starting at $40 per image
    Contact us of details. This can include custom edits such as removing braces, cleaning up environmental backgrounds, changing colors, swapping skies, etc.

Cost of Headshot are based on the number people.

  • 5-14 people —- $159 per person

  • 15-29 people —- $139 per person

  • 30+ people —- Contact Us

Composite Services
Initial setup —- $49 per person ($196 minimum)
Future updates —- $49 per person